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Structured settlement - Wikipedia

A structured settlement is a negotiated financial or insurance arrangement
whereby a claimant agrees to resolve a personal injury tort claim by receiving
some ...

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Structured Settlement Brokers | CIVIL | Department of Justice

May 2, 2017 ... Settlements utilizing these extended payment schedules are called structured
settlements. Structured settlement schedules can be rather ...

Settle Your Claim (Structured Settlement Information for Workers)

One alternative to monthly time-loss benefits is a structured settlement. This is
when you and L&I agree to a sum of money that you would receive in a series of

How to Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments- J.G. Wentworth

Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments. When you first received your
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Structured Settlement Protection Act

Structured Settlement Protection Act. § 59.1-475. Definitions. For purposes of this
chapter: "Annuity issuer" means an insurer that has issued a contract to fund ...


Structured settlement payment rights—Transfer—Order—Express findings.
19.205.040. Posttransfer of rights—Liabilities—Requirements. 19.205.050.

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