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Improved Guidebook - ADOM

IGB - the Improved Guidebook for ADOM. Contains all available information
about the roguelike game ADOM.

ADOM Guidebook | ADOM Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Improved ADOM Guidebook is an alternate (unauthorized by Andrew
Williams) version of the Guidebook extending the base version with information ...

Improved ADOM Guidebook - Table of Contents

Improved ADOM Guidebook. Previous - TOC - Next - ADOM ... ADOM - An
Unofficial Guide Site Thanks to J. Benjamin Falstrom for the logo. Table of
Contents ...

Andy Williams' ADOM pages - Welcome to the ADOM Guidebook

The ADOM Guidebook can be considered in the public domain as of December 1
, 2012. It can be copied, modified and distributed as long as no charge is made ...

Improved ADOM Guidebook - Casino

3.13.1 Casino winnings. Item, Two alike, Three alike. kobold, 1x, 1x. goblin, 4x,
8x. hobgoblin, 9x, 27x. gnoll, 16x, 64x. ogre, 25x, 125x. wizard, 36x, 216x.

ADOM Guidebook - Monster list

Name, Symbol, Special attacks/defenses, Corpse effects, Misc. Ancient Chaos
Wyrm. W. Corrupting touch, casts spells (healing, energy ray, confusion), immune

Beginner information

Because ADOM is a roguelike game, saving is more of a "take a break" ...
Improved ADOM Guidebook ... Guide to being a bard by Darren Grey

text file

2.5: What's the deal with the so-called 'Improved Guidebook'? [added in 4.2] ....
Also do check the official ADOM FAQ (, ...


ADOM (Ancient Domains of Mystery), is a roguelike designed and developed by
... The Improved ADOM Guidebook · ADOM Wiki · Pre R60 Character Guides ...

/ro/ - A.D.O.M.

11 янв 2017 ... ADOM Improved Guidebook: Блог разработчика: http:// Предыдущий тред: ...