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What element was named after a country in Western Europe

Francium was the element named after a country in Western Europe.

List of places used in the names of chemical elements - Wikipedia

40 of the 118 chemical elements have names associated with, or specifically
named for, places ... Europe · Europium, Eu, 63. Magnesia, a district in ....
Countries with elements named for them are colored in, as with US states having
this honor.

Elements Named for Places - Element Toponyms

Feb 12, 2017 ... This is an alphabetical list of elements in chemistry named for ... Europium –
Europe; Francium – France; Gallium – Gallia, Latin for France.

Country named after an element - Discussion on Topix

Can anyone tell me what country was named after an element, and provide me ...
what is the elemnet named for a country in western europe.

Do non-English speaking countries use the same element symbols?

Dec 21, 2016 ... The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is the body that
standardises these symbols, along with names and symbols for ...

Gothic architecture: an introduction (article) | Khan Academy

The most fundamental element of the Gothic style of architecture is the pointed
..... .org/humanities/medieval-world/latin-western-europe/gothic1/v/roettgen-pieta

2.3 Regions of Western Europe | World Regional Geography ...

In this case, the region of Western Europe includes the regions of northern
Europe, ... Isolation in northern Europe does create an element of economic cost,
and .... Technically, the island country of Cyprus is also included in southern
Europe. ..... sometimes in areas that bear their names, such as in Burgundy,
around the city ...

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stay at an award winning Starwood hotel.

Materiality of TEI Encoding and Decoding: An Analysis of the ...

The paper focuses on the annotation of speakers (different countries and ...
design and production and of armament control within the Western European
Union .... The metadata included elements such as (1) the author of the document
: for ... in the analysis, such as dates and the names of places, people, office
positions, ...

European Union (EU) | European organization |

At the end of the war, several western European countries sought closer ...
became the costliest and most controversial element of the EEC and later the EU,